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I learned to sew when I was in 3rd grade and invented a multi-use seat cushion for school chairs.  Each one was handmade by me and my mom.  We built a website and sold them online to buyers all around the USA.  

As successful and fun as it was to run the business, it was time consuming and the rest of life took over.  Sewing, however, is like riding a bike.  One never really forgets how to do it regardless of how much time has passed.  

During the longest Summer of the century (2020) thanks to COVID, I started sewing again.  This time using fabric scraps, tablecloths from Goodwill, and regular hardware supplies. I used my creativity to design and create an 18th century French renaissance costume, complete with bustle and petticoat.  The boning in the corset was made using zip ties.  I didn't use any patterns (except for the corset) and relied on tik tok videos to guide me through the difficult parts.  


My work is eye catching and beautiful, and I'm excited to share my talents for design and sewing with you.  



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Visit in person by appointment or luck

2101 3rd Ave. S. #5

St. Petersburg, FL  33712

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